Six Months of Chicken Little

In 2013, I published my first PBS Making Sen$e article worrying about the economy and financial markets. Over the subsequent period, my fearful articles caused Paul Solman, business and economics correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, to label me the “Chicken Little of Finance”.

The Chicken Little of Finance

Six months ago, I embraced the Chicken Little moniker and revealed my own investment positions. I have been publishing monthly performance updates. This article takes a slightly longer-term perspective and reviews Chicken Little’s macroeconomic views and the Chicken Little Investment Portfolio over the full six months. (You can compete against Chicken Little, and see the Chicken Little portfolio performance in real time by clicking here; you have to register with the website that hosts the contest) .

The article has four parts.

Part I: Chicken Little’s Perspective on Government Policy.
Part II: The First Six months of Chicken Little’s Investment Portfolio.
Part III: Chicken Little’s Current Investments.
Part IV: Advice for other Chicken Littles.