Chicken Little still uber Bearish, but managing risk


Chicken Little covered half the short stock position this morning. I am still as bearish as ever; this is simply risk management. I sold the Dow short at 35,000 risking 37,000. When the Dow went below 33,000, I covered half. Still have a stop at 37,000 to cover the second half. (See Chicken Little sells stocks.)

Still Bearish



January 2022, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance


The Federal Reserve is - as I type - continuing to e-print money and interest rates are still at zero. Jay Powell and the rest of Fed have created a financial crisis via loose monetary policy. At least the fourth serious crisis created by the Fed (see my PBS article "End the Fed").
The Fed has created inflation


Chicken Little Short Stocks (again)

Chicken Little is short stocks for the third time in recent months (See one and two previous shorts).  The Fed is boxed in, the market may have turned. Short at Dow 35,000, stop-loss entered to cover position if Dow makes new all-time high. 

Bear Market operations have re-commenced