Chicken Little Portfolio Performance July 2016

In July 2016, the Chicken Little Portfolio gained 0.59% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 2.90%.
Central Banks make investing appear easy


Chicken Little Buys US stocks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit new all-time highs this week. Chicken Little bought stocks to cover a small short position in US stocks. This note has three parts. 

1. Why buy stocks at Dow 18,352 after selling at a lower level?
2. Chicken Little's updated investment advice.
3. The Chicken Little road ahead.

Chicken Little is Powerless against Central Bank Money Printing


The Coming Monetary Bubble to End all Monetary Bubbles

Global monetary policy in the developed world is the loosest it has been since the German hyperinflation after World War I. That is, central banks in America, Europe and Japan have been printing money like mad.

Expect more Central Bank Printing of Money
I predict, moreover, that we haven’t seen anything yet; the world’s central banks are likely to vastly increase their money creation, resulting in the biggest monetary bubble ever, with perhaps $100 trillion more new money on its way into the global economy. This prediction is not specifically tied to Brexit, the U.K’s vote to leave the European Union. However, we’ll discuss Brexit below in the context of printing money.