Chicken Little makes a *Newtonian mistake?

Chicken Little has bought more cryptocurrencies. In doing so, he may be making a Newtonian mistake with an asterisk. Sir Isaac Newton was the smartest man alive in his era. He invested in the what became known as the South Sea Bubble, made some money and exited. However, as the bubble soared, Newton re-invested and lost a substantial sum -- more than his original profit.  

Chicken Little Dives back into Cryptocurrencies


She who understands the fruit fly would do more for economics than Adam Smith

“He who understands baboon would do more towards metaphysics than Locke” – Charles Darwin, Notebooks

Inspired by a consilient Darwin, I have titled my new paper, "She who understands the fruit fly would do more for economics than Adam Smith."

I am continuing my work using experimental evolution to improve economics (previous post here). I label the effort to place economics on a natural science foundation as one of the greatest long-shots in the history of science. Read below for the introduction to the paper. Click here to read the full text

Slime mould in experimental evolution study on risk-taking


November 2017, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

In November 2017, the Chicken Little Portfolio gained 0.17% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average roared 4.12%.

Investing requires emotional intelligence. Particularly in the form of patience. Chicken Little is very negative on risk assets, but has learned the importance of momentum.

Chicken Little is waiting to commence bear market operations