Chicken Little an Investment Crank?

A brief update on the success (failure) of my blog. I began the blog a couple years ago, and I love writing the articles. I love writing them so much that I reward myself after finishing an unpleasant task by allowing myself time to write a post. 

Readership of the blog has increased from nothing to modestly more than nothing. However, I just discovered that some of this increase may be for the wrong reasons.

Is Chicken Little a Crank?


Chicken Little sees the end of his love affair with Treasury Bonds

Chicken Little has been in love with Treasury Bonds for a decade. Now, in a betrayal of that love, Chicken Little has sold some Treasury Bonds. Furthermore, Chicken Little will not buy any more 30-year Treasury Bonds for the foreseeable future. This post has three parts. 

1. Treasury Bonds have been an amazing investment
2. The Future of Treasury Bonds is worse than the Past
3. Chicken Little is looking for new investment love 

Chicken Little's Love for Treasury Bonds is Waning