Chicken Little's Criteria for Buying Stocks

When will it be time to buy stocks?  

From 1982 until 2000, I was at least 100% invested in stocks. My Chicken Little persona is temporary. I am looking forward to returning to 1980's style Mega Bull. In this post, I revisit the criteria for a major stock market buying opportunity from Mean Markets & Lizard Brains.
Chicken Little will become Mega Bull


March 2020, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

The Covid-19 storm hit in 2020. The world was financially unprepared having squandered a decade of prosperity (see empty Rainy Day fund).  For example, in 1929 the US debt/GDP ratio was 16% of GDP; today US debt is 107% of GDP. Now, individuals will pay the price for government folly in multiple ways. 

The storm came and the government was unprepared