Chicken Little an Investment Crank?

A brief update on the success (failure) of my blog. I began the blog a couple years ago, and I love writing the articles. I love writing them so much that I reward myself after finishing an unpleasant task by allowing myself time to write a post. 

Readership of the blog has increased from nothing to modestly more than nothing. However, I just discovered that some of this increase may be for the wrong reasons.

Is Chicken Little a Crank?

Modest Success of the blog

In recent months, the blog has averaged 10,000 visitors a month. Amazon owns a web evaluation service called alexa.com -- If you type in a web address you can get statistics. In the case of terryburnham.com, it includes: 

Number of minutes per reader on the site, 2 minutes and 3 seconds. 

2 minutes per reader converts to people spending a total of 4,000 hours a year reading the site. I think that is awesome, and worth the time it takes me keep writing - especially since it is fun for me. 

Chicken Little is getting some seconds of attention

Fifteen minutes of Infamy?

However, there is a negative bit of information too. Alexa.com also reveals the source of your traffic. In my case, the second biggest source of traffic is "terry burnham crank economist"! 

Tracking this down, there are several articles making fun of Chicken Little.  Generally, I have left these articles alone, but in one case I wrote back: 

What is the definition of a crank? 

Stuck in the Financial Market Maze?

The term crank has special meaning to me. I have been reading the Maze Runner series to one of my children. That series uses the term 'crank' for people with an incurable brain disease. In my case, it might be true - I am obsessed by financial markets, and I have not found a cure. 

Chicken Little a Maze Runner?

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