Men Can be Evil: Economists are often confused

Men fill the world’s prisons, commit most murders, and have started all major wars. In another example of scientists rediscovering ancient truths, a new study of mine documents the costs men impose on (an experimental) society. In the study, status-seeking men are willing to impose enormous costs on others to move up in the hierarchy. 


Initial Bear Market Raid Complete

Chicken Little began a modest bear market raid by shorting US stocks in February. That short position is now closed. The Chicken Little Portfolio made 0.25% on this raid. (6.25% short positions and a ~4% decline in US stocks = 0.25%). While this is a tiny gain, making money on the first short position is great, and works to train the mind to look for more opportunities. The Dow Jones Industrials sits at 24,786 - roughly halfway between the January 26, 2018 high  and the lows of February. Chicken Little anticipates more declines.

Bear Market raid creates taste from more honey


March 2018, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

The US stock market has declined 10% since January 26, 2018. Chicken Little predicts further declines. 

A Long Way Down