Bull wins again!

Today, October 20, 2021, The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new all-time high. Bull wins again. Score 327-0, bull ahead in long-term series. Chicken Little ends bear campaign after 12 days. When the bear operation started I wrote, "Was Dow 35,625 an historic top in the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Probably not, but possibly." Now we know that the top was not at 35,625.  

Bull gores bear - on to new all-time highs 


September 2021, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

The Wolf is Still Coming

Chicken Little believes the wolf is merely delayed. 13 years ago, before 'the' financial crisis, US Federal debt was $10 trillion. Today, the US debt is $28 trillion. The Federal Reserve has monetized $7.5 trillion of this sum. So $18 trillion of cumulative deficits financed, in significant part, by printing money.  'The' real crisis lies ahead. 

In the end, the Wolf ate the Sheep


Chicken Little Sells Stocks

Chicken Little is no longer not bearish on US stocks. For the last year, Chicken Little has been bullish. See "Chicken Little Respects Dow 30,000" After a 16% rise in the Dow since that bullish post, I have started a bear market operation. 

Bear Market operations have commenced