Chicken Little Fails for the last time

Dow hits record, surpassing January High 

Chicken Little will never leave his wingman again


The deflationary depression began more than a decade ago

Here is a quiz of your financial knowledge. The task is to recall the peak price (not including dividends) and date of some of the most important financial assets and indices. 

today 9/12/18all time highdate of all -time high
US Stocks - Dow Jones Industrials25,999
Non-US Stocks (EFA)$66.18
Emerging Market Stocks (EEM)$41.44
US Long-Term Treasuries (TLT)$118.94
Gold (per oz.)$1,207
Oil (WTI)$69.25

Answer before looking below.


August 2018, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

At 25,965, the Dow is approaching its all-time high of 26,616. It will be historic if the Dow hits a new all-time high, and equally historic if the Dow fails to hit new high. 

The US stock market is about to make history