Bond Yields Collapse: Chicken Little Sells Treasuries

Chicken Little has sold half of his 30-year Treasury Bond position. Treasury bonds have soared in price in recent months; Chicken Little is continuing a multi-year move away from Treasury Bonds. Selling now feels like a bad decision as Treasuries look likely to continue to rise in price for a while as yields continue to collapse toward those of German and Japanese bonds.
Bond Yields have collapsed, Chicken Little is exiting


Chicken Little ends Tesla short campaign

Chicken Little has ended his short Tesla campaign. The campaign started on November 19, 2018 at $364/share (click for article). It ended last week by being stopped out at $220/sh.

Tesla stock has cratered


Baby Bear Market Operations underway

Chicken Little has commenced a modest bear market action, selling the Dow Jones Industrial Average short. The Dow is at 25,250 and the all-time high is 26,951.81. So the trade risks a loss of 7%. 

Baby Bear Market Operations have begun


May 2019, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

The Chicken Little Portfolio had its best month so far in May 2019, earning over 5% while the macroeconomic storm builds toward an economic depression. Recall that in April, Chicken Little shorted Tesla and bought crypto (click for article). These April decisions brought May flowers. Bitcoin returned 60% in May, while Tesla lost 22%. 

Are you ready THE DEPRESSION?