Bear Bounce ending?

Chicken Little has a small short position on US stocks, betting that the stock market will go below the March 23, 2020 low of Dow 18,000. 

This is going to hurt


Economics, Biology, and The Search for Happiness

Economics and Happiness, Click here or image for academic article


May 2020, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

On March 23, 2015 the Dow was just over 18,000. Five years later the Dow was almost exactly unchanged at 18,591. Stock market investors spent five years without making any money while bonds, gold, real estate, and crypto soared. Stocks were the worst investment. Amidst pandemic, people sold huge amounts of stock in March 2020. Then, the Dow rallied almost 40% in 9 weeks. Pain! Perhaps worse than the losses, is the fact that stock market may be teaching us the wrong lesson.  

Time to leave your equity wingman?