15 Ways Chicken Little Made Money in the Trump Rally

US Stocks have gained almost 10% since Donald Trump was elected. As detailed in previous posts, Chicken owns only a tiny amount of US stocks, which means that he makes almost no money directly from the stock market rally.

So is Chicken Little missing out on the rally? No. At the bottom of this post, there is a list of 15 ways that Chicken Little has made money because of the stock market rally. This article is the reverse of one from January of 2016: 15 Ways Chicken Little Lost Money in the Stock Market Decline

Chicken Little is (indirectly) riding the Wall Street Bull

Everyone "owns" a lot of stocks even if they do not own a single share

In a rising stock market, we will be able to drive our cars through peaceful streets. Our children will call from distant cities us to complain about their irrational bosses. The government will be able to pay a lot of our medical bills, our pensions, and make social security payments. The chances for peaceful times will be higher. 

The better the stock market does, the better our outcomes. The specifics differ for each of us, but the message of the same. We all own the stock market. 

15 Ways Chicken Little profits from the stock market rally. (see converse article from January). 

Direct Financial impact
1. Increased pay this year
2. Increased chance of keeping my job
3. Increased chance of getting the next job
4. Increased chance of my wife's startup company raising money
5. Increased chance of my wife getting a different job
Indirect Financial impact
6. Lower future federal taxes
7. Lower future state taxes
8. Lower future medical expenses
9. Increased future social security payments
10. Decreased future costs of supporting my children
Non-Financial impact
11. Higher career prospects for my children
12. Decreased chance of being a victim of crime
13. Decreased chance of decline in social order
14. Decreased chance of war
15. Decreased chance of disease

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