Bear Bounce ending?

Chicken Little has a small short position on US stocks, betting that the stock market will go below the March 23, 2020 low of Dow 18,000. 

This is going to hurt

Chicken Little continues to believe that the stock market rally is a bear market bounce. This has been my view for months: See post: "If this rally is the mother of all bear market bounces it can go much higher, and go on for much longer."

The economic news is terrible. Corporate profits will be below 2019 levels for years. The US Debt and Deficit are at record levels. The Federal Reserve continues its incompetent and corrupt practices.  

Dow: 25,000
10-year: 64 bps
Bitcoin: $9,150

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  1. When the Dow gets to 15,000 it will be time to buy again. Until then keep your cash under your pillow.