May 2021, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

Chicken Little remains terrified. Financial markets show no overt signs of trouble. The economy is growing rapidly. The party continues without Chicken Little who shuns risk, makes no money, and frets about the end of civilization. 

Chicken Little worries about his offspring

May 2021 performance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 2.17% in May 2021 while the Chicken Little portfolio gain 0.39%. The Dow continues to rise almost every day, and has returned over 13% in 5 months. 

May 2021YTD 2021
Chicken Little0.39%5.81%
Dow Jones Industrials2.17%13.76%

May 2021 saw modest gains for most major asset classes followed by Chicken Little. Bitcoin had its second losing month in a row. Gold rallied and recouped all of its losses year to date. Long-term treasuries remain the biggest loser of the year.  

AssetSymbolMay 2021YTD 2021
Dow Jones IndustrialsDIA2.17%13.76%
Non-US StocksEFA3.48%10.79%
Emerging Market StocksEEM1.65%6.19%
US Long-Term BondsTLT0.00%-11.76%

June 2021 portfolio positions.

Chicken Little is hiding in cash with an underweight position in treasury bonds. As of May 21st, Chicken Little had sold all equities and crypto ("Chicken Hands") . 

Previous month's report                 Subsequent Month's report

Chicken LittleDow Jones Industrials
2021 (through May)5.81%13.76%
2015 (April through Dec)-2.49%-0.27%
since inception (3/31/15)26.23%121.08%

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