September 2023, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

The debt crises is getting closer. Interest rates are rising rapidly. The cause is simple - overspending. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, "never in the history of the US have so many spent so much of other people's money for breads and circuses." Current deficits are, by far, the largest non-crises deficits in the history of the US. 

September 2023 performance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 3.39% in September 2023. The Chicken Little Portfolio gained 0.32% from its short-term treasuries. Year to day, the Dow is up 2.62% and Chicken Little is barely positive at 0.82%. 

Sept 2023YTD 2023
Chicken Little0.32%0.82%
Dow Jones Industrials-3.39%2.62%

September 2023 was a broadly negative month for financial assets. Long-term treasury bonds continue to experience historic losses. Currently, long-term treasuries are on pace for three consecutive years of losses. Year to date, every major asset class has had modestly positive returns except for long-term Treasury bonds. 

AssetSymbolSept 2023YTD 2023
Dow Jones IndustrialsDIA-3.39%2.62%
Non-US StocksEFA-3.58%6.99%
Emerging Market StocksEEM-2.33%3.17%
US Long-Term BondsTLT-7.84%-9.58%

October 2023 portfolio position
The Chicken Little Portfolio remains prepared for financial disaster. The portfolio is 100% in cash and short-term US Treasuries.  And, still holding significantly out of the money puts on the S&P 500.  No trades in the month of September.  

Chicken LittleDow Jones Industrials
2023 (through Sept)0.82%2.62%
2015 (April through Dec)-2.49%-0.27%
since inception (3/31/15)18.99%123.71%

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