December 2017, Chicken Little Portfolio Performance

In December 2017, the Chicken Little Portfolio gained 1.20% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 2.06%.

2017 was the year where every investment made money. Stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, and cryptocurrencies.

2017, the year of free money

December 2017 performance

Chicken Little had a winning month in December 2017 to conclude a positive year. The rewards to Chicken Little were swamped by other investments. 

Dec '172017
Chicken Little1.20%4.57%
Dow Jones Industrials2.06%27.72%

All assets were positive in the month led by bitcoin's stunning 46% gain (in the month). Global equities continue their amazing rise, with the Dow Jones industrial average yearly gain of 27%.  

Bitcoin surpassed $20,000 earlier this month. Having fallen by 35% from that peak, Bitcoin ends the month up almost 50%, and the year up well over 1000%.

What an amazing year!  The only way to lose in 2017, was not to play.

AssetSymbolDec '172017
Dow Jones IndustrialsDIA2.06%27.72%
Non-US StocksEFA0.48%24.92%
Emerging Market StocksEEM2.83%37.13%
US Long-Term BondsTLT1.77%9.08%

January 2018 portfolio positions

Chicken Little starts 2018 where he as spent the last several years, cowering in fear.  Chicken Little is long US Treasuries with a good amount of cash. In December 2017, Chicken Little made no changes to the portfolio other than a modest dive back into cryptocurrencies

Chicken Little remains ready to begin Bear Market Operations, but for now is sitting on his hands.  

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Chicken LittleDow Jones Industrials
2015 (3/31 -> 12/31)-2.49%-0.27%
since inception (3/31/15)-0.01%47.85%

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