Currency Paradigm Shift

Chicken Little has over 5% of the portfolio in crypto. Am I risking 5% of my families' cash in dangerous speculation?  Or do I have 95% of my families' money in a fiat currency likely to be depreciated to zero. 

I have moved toward thinking the US dollar is riskier than crypto. If I complete the change in thinking, I will move more aggressively into crypto. Here are some of key posts on the path from 0% to 5% crypto. 

PostDateBitcoin Price
First Crypto BuyJune 2017$2,300
Second Crypto BuyDecember 16, 2017$17,500
Buy Crypto for the Long RunFebruary 9, 2020$9,950
Crypto LustAugust 13, 2020$11,700
Thomas Kuhn & CurrenciesNovember 20, 2020$18,621

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