Chicken Little sells the f'in rip

Get out of your Skinner Box

Chicken Little Sells the Rip

As of January 10, 2019, the Chicken Little Portfolio has returned to a bearish position on stocks. In this short post, CL reviews recent moves, and describes the anticipated change in market conditions. 

Recent changes in the Chicken Little Portfolio are shown: 

0. The storm is coming. Click for "Stockalypse" post 
1. Bear raid - end of October 2018 - click for post
2. Retreat from Bear Raid - end of december 2018 - click for post
3. Sell more to become Bearish again. (January 10, 2019)

BTFD - If you search for this acronym it is "Buy the F'in Dip." For ten years, the best way to make money has been to buy declines in the stock market. Chicken Little believes that the market is changing to one were the best way to make money is to STFR "Sell the F'in Rip" -- sell stocks after big moves up. (click for don't buy the dip). 


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